Take The Plant-Based Pledge With The Meatless Consumption Target

The Meatless Farm has launched a campaign to encourage UK households to swap one more red meat meal to plant-based a week to help cut the country’s greenhouse gas emissions by 50 million tonnes per year.

That would be a staggering reduction of 8.4% and is equivalent to taking 16 million cars off the road, or a 23% reduction in the UK’s domestic and international farmland.

Launched by Saturdays singer and mum-of-two Frankie Bridge, The Meatless Consumption Target calls for households, schools, restaurants and businesses to make the simple switch to plant-based one more time a week than we currently do by 2021.

Try out our Meatless Consumption Calculator and see what difference you can make by swapping red meat mince to our plant-based mince in family favourite dishes such as chilli, nachos or lasagne.

The research behind the campaign was carried out on behalf of The Meatless Farm by Joseph Poore, lead author of a recent global study on the environmental impacts of food, to calculate the benefits of changing diets in Britain.

In establishing the Meatless Consumption Target, CEO of The Meatless Farm Rob Woodall believes that it is a great opportunity to look at the nation’s diet in the same way we look at the UK carbon emissions target.

“It’s no secret that plant-based is becoming increasingly popular and most of this is being driven by a new generation of ‘flexitarians’. The real challenge is getting traditional meat eaters to adopt a more plant-based diet.

“That’s why The Meatless Consumption Target is so important – it’s a powerful yet simple way of introducing more plant-based eating. It isn’t about being strictly anti-meat either – we can drive real change by striking a good balance. Just by swapping one meat meal to plant-based once a week we can collectively have a huge impact on the environment.”


If everyone swapped just one red meat meal to plant-based we'd cut the UKs greenhouse gas emissions by 50 million tonnes