Take a Bite Of The Meatless Farm Cheezeburger Pizza!

We’ve teamed up with One Planet Pizza to bring you drool-worthy limited edition Meatless Farm Cheezeburger Pizza.

This tasty creation came about following a secret collaborative project on our social media channels where we asked our followers to choose from a selection of toppings. You voted, and we’ve delivered!

The result is an utterly delicious pizza which sees some of your favourite plant-based brands appearing in one delicious pizza, which is now available to order from The Meatless Farm Shop. Just click on the banner at the bottom of the page to try our direct to your doorstep delivery service.

One Planet Pizza’s classic fluffy base is topped with a chia seed-infused tomato sauce, layered generously with Smoky Applewood© Vegan Cheeze, topped with caramelised red onions, sliced gherkins and juicy chunks of Meatless Farm burger before being drizzled with Mooshies famous Burger Sauce. A dreamy, drool-worthy creation.

Trust us, you need to try it!

Meatless Farm Cheezeburger Pizza

“What better way to say reducing your meat consumption doesn’t mean compromising on taste than a Meatless Farm Cheezeburger Pizza?” commented Meatless Farm founder Morten Toft Bech.

“This tasty combo will make swapping to plant-based food, even if it’s once or twice a week, even easier. Whether you’re doing this for the benefit of the planet, personal health or animal welfare – it doesn’t mean shutting the door to delicious food. Especially when it comes delivered straight to your door.”

Joe Hill, co-founder of One Planet Pizza – the UK’s first frozen vegan pizza company, was equally excited: “We’re certain this is one of the most delicious and epic pizzas we have ever created here at OPP.

“We’ve always wanted to produce a cheezeburger pizza, and we think the combination of unique, plant-based toppings we’ve selected for the Meatless Farm Cheezeburger Pizza makes this the dough-based creation of every pizza lover’s dreams.”

The Meatless Farm Shop