Meatless Farm Joins Breaking Bread Pop-up With Michelin Starred Chef Josh Eggleton

Meatless Farm is joining forces with the hottest pop-up restaurant in Bristol, Breaking Bread, with a Michelin starred chef cooking up a plant-based feast.

Top chef and Great British Menu contestant Josh Eggleton will be showing what the Meatless good stuff is really made of in a city which has long been famed for it’s love of plant-based food, often noted as the vegan capital of the UK.

The traditionally meat-loving chef has included two juicy additions to the Breaking Bread menu, including the Meatless Farm Burger with all the trimmings, and the Meatless Farm Chilli Hot Dog.

The pop-up, with social distancing in place, will open on The Downs in Bristol until November 8th and feature DJ sets and jazz nights as World Vegan Month gets into full swing.

To make a reservation, visit the Breaking Bread Bristol website:

Meatless Farm Breaking Bread Burger

“I’ve always worked with meat so this is a fantastic opportunity to apply my knowledge of flavour to plant-based alternatives. They can feel a little unfamiliar for chefs and people generally, we’ve tried to turn that on its head and what we’ve come up with is pretty impressive,” said Josh.

The trend of eating more plant-based food has swept the nation and been heightened by the pandemic. Research from Meatless Farm shows that over a third of meat-loving Brits have been eating more plant-based food since lockdown began[1]. Moreover, almost a third of people in the South West claim they are reducing their meat intake for the benefit of the planet, alongside recycling and cutting down on plastic[2].

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