That’s a wrap! Pret’s Meatballs get a Meatless Makeover

With Veganuary in full swing, you can now enjoy a meat-free version of Pret A Manger’s iconic Swedish Meatballs thanks to a Meatless Farm makeover!

We’ve partnered with Pret to create the Meatless Meatball Hot Wrap, transforming their classic pork recipe into a Meatless feast of plant-based meatballs, red tapenade, chipotle ketchup and topped with a sprinkling of crispy onions.

It is a meat alternative first for Pret, and the recipe uses our bespoke meatballs based on our signature pea protein recipe to create a meaty, succulent texture and taste.

Morten Toft Bech, Meatless Farm’s Founder, said: “Pret A Manger has paved the way in making it easier for us all to eat less meat. We have worked closely with them to recreate a plant-based version of their classic Swedish Meatball Hot Wrap that appeals to meat eaters, veggies and vegans alike.

“Now more than ever people are recognising the virtues of eating plant-based food, whether it’s for health, the planet or animal welfare. This menu addition makes eating more of it just that bit easier – for Veganuary, and beyond.”

Pret A Manger’s UK Food & Coffee Director, Briony Raven, added: “As trailblazers in vegan food, we’re really proud of our new Meatless Meatball Hot Wrap. We’ve worked hard to create something that has the Pret taste and quality of one of our classics that our customers expect. To encourage more people to try the new plant-based meat alternative hot wrap, we’ve decided to pull our Swedish Meatball wrap for a month as we’re that confident our customers will quickly fall in love with it.”

Find your nearest Pret A Manager or order online and tuck into the Meatless Meatball Hot Wrap >