Real Madrid’s Toni Kroos Collaborates with Meatless Farm on Plant-Based Nutrition Strategy

After recently teaming up with Meatless Farm, football giant Real Madrid has set its sights on being the world’s leading expert on plant protein and elite performance. The club keeps on helping players to optimise their diets and improve performance and now is looking to focus on improving elite player longevity.

Together with Toni Kroos, the club and Meatless Farm will work together to study the effect of eating more plant protein on preparation, match performance, recovery and overall longevity throughout next seasons.
Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos said: “Getting the right balance of protein, fibre and carbohydrates is essential for my match fitness and recovery time.”

At 31, Kroos is one of the clubs longest standing players, making more than 300 appearances and winning fourteen trophies, including three UEFA Champions League titles. Kroos continued: “Introducing more into my diet just a few times a week feels like it is already helping me build greater endurance whilst still eating the dishes I enjoy. My ambition is to play at the highest level for as long as possible and I’m keen to find out how plant-based food can help me achieve that.”

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Morten Toft Bech, Founder of Meatless Farm: “There’s still a huge gap in people’s understanding of the positive impact of eating more plant protein. Working with elite athletes such as Toni is a great opportunity to show people that peas and other plants are a good alternative to deliver the protein we need. We are also working closely with champion cyclist Mark Cavendish. It’s about small steps.”

After recently announcing the opening of its plant protein facility in Canada Meatless Farm will also be exploring the best way to grow, mill and process plant protein. “It’s about the whole process” Toft Bech added.

Meatless Farm’s mission is to increase the amount of plant protein in people’s diets and create a more sustainable food system that helps regenerate biodiversity and reduce waste. 2021 is set to be a tipping point for the plant based category with 54% of consumers saying they want to eat more alternative proteins , climate change action being back on the global agenda and a steep rise in ‘ecotarian’ eating – eating for the good of the environment.

This is the latest milestone in Meatless Farm’s global journey since launching first in to the UK and which is now operating in 24 different countries including the US, Germany, Spain and Portugal. The start-up brand has secured a number of flagship partnerships with major retailers and brands like Pret A Manger, Leon and itsu and recently reported a 78% increase in sales year-on-year.