Meatless Farm Launches Giant Free Sausage Roll Vending Machine

Sausage roll fans, rejoice! Meatless Farm is launching the UK’s first plant-based sausage roll vending machine on National Sausage Roll Day, Saturday 5th June 2021, on London’s Southbank.

Following an overwhelming response from our April Fool’s joke announcing the launch of the M***F*** sausage roll vending machine, we are now making flaky puff pastry dreams come true and are launching a giant sausage roll vending machine for one day only.

The vending machine will be located on Observation Point on London’s Southbank and will be open from 11.30am – 7pm. Visitors will be able to enjoy our sausage rolls hot or cold, due to a nifty oven technology installed on the machine. As if that’s not exciting enough, the sausage rolls will be completely free!

Morten Toft-Bech, Founder of Meatless Farm, said: “This is not a drill. We are turning our April Fool’s joke of a M*** F*** sausage roll vending machine into a reality so everyone from puff pastry fans to on-the-go snackers can enjoy a plant-based yet remarkably meaty experience. Let’s roll!”

Sausage rolls are a recent addition to our product range alongside sausages, burgers, mince and hotdogs. They are available at selected Sainsbury’s (RRP £1.50).

Meatless Farm Plant-based sausage roll

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The M***F*** sausage roll vending machine can be found at Observation Point, 56 Upper Ground, London SE1 9PP from 11.30am to 7pm on National Sausage Roll Day, Saturday 5th June 2021 only dispensing free sausage rolls for all. At all other times, our brand-new sausage rolls can be purchased at selected Sainsbury’s (RRP £1.50)