5 Questions About Mark Cavendish’s Plant-Based Journey

Legendary British cyclist Mark Cavendish and his family embarked on their plant-based journey with Meatless Farm. We gathered the most frequently asked questions about Mark’s mission and what fruits our cooperation has in store.

1. Why does Meatless Farm love working with Mark?

Who better to show you the power of plant-based food than the man who has over thirty Tour de France stage wins under his belt.

Mark and Meatless Farm are helping inspire people to live differently and show how including more plant-based food in your diet can have a transformational impact on both yourself and the planet.

Mark Cavendish cooking with Meatless Farm
Mark Cavendish cooks with Meatless Farm’s Plant-Based Mince

2. What is Mark’s view on plant-based food?

At the age of 35 and as a seasoned Tour de France stage winner, Mark’s return to cycling is a huge moment in cycling history. Mark has always emphasised that fuelling up for endurance sports is a tricky science but over the last year he has reassessed his diet to incorporate more plant-based food which he strongly believes has helped his comeback.

With four kids, Mark is also aware of his environmental footprint and the impact intensive farming can have on the planet, he wanted to look at alternative ways to help protect the planet for his children’s future.

3. How important is good nutrition for an athlete?

Good nutrition is vital for an athlete; all elite sports teams have a nutritionist working as part of the coaching team. Increasingly, even amateur teams often have a nutritionist in the coaching team!

For an athlete (or anyone!) to perform at their best they need to have the right fuel, the right hydration, the right power/ strength and the right recovery (after training and competitions). Nutrition plays a vital role in all of those factors.

4. Can strength come from protein sources alternative to meat?

In short, yes!

There’s a range of protein sources that can fuel your body, without having to eat meat. Seitan, tofu, lentils and chickpeas are just some of the fantastic alternative sources of protein, as are Meatless Farm products of course (with the main protein being pea protein).

There are a number of high-profile athletes who have made the switch to a plant-based diet and they have anecdotally cited health and performance benefits as the reason and benefit from the switch. Venus Williams found it helped her Auto-immune condition, and David Haye made the switch to help him recover from injury.

An elite Gaelic footballer undertook a switch to fully plant based recently and was tracked by his coaching team for the impact on his strength, power and performance. He maintained exactly the same performance on the field and in fact there was an increase in lean muscle and a slight decrease in body fat (Davey et al., 2021)!

5. How can you start your plant-based journey?

At Meatless Farm, we believe in small steps that lead to significant changes. Swapping meat to meatless in one of your favourite dishes seems like a tiny step, but all these little steps add up in the end. Together with our nutritionists and chefs, we are consistently creating new recipes and products to satisfy all pallets. Plant-based shouldn’t only be beneficial but also amazingly tasty!

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