Nurse Anne – Unleash Your Beast Within

One of our Unleash Your Beast heroes is Anne, she is a 40 year old nurse at a children’s hospital and has been plant-based for many years now. We sat down with Anne to chat about her experience with plant-based eating and how it has affected her life, both personally and professionally.

“Hi! My name is Anne and I work as a nurse at a children’s hospital. It’s a really lovely job but it can be challenging at times. I love working with the children, however unfortunately sometimes things don’t go as planned and it can become quite an emotionally draining job.

“Working long hours with vulnerable people requires me to be the best version of myself. I’ve learnt that if I’m not taking care of myself, it is hard for me to be there and care for others.

“I have been on a plant-based diet for a long time. I truly believe this change has helped me to endure lack of sleep and the physical demands of my job. I’ve also found that, since becoming plant-based, I feel more positive and I am much more able to deal with challenging situations.

As a mother, I need to save some of my energy and love for my children, and changing to plant-based has helped me to return home from work with enough energy to spend quality time with my two girls.”

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