Social Worker Siya – Unleash Your Beast Within

One of our Unleash Your Beast heroes is Siya, she is a 31 year old social worker who has been plant-based for two years. We sat down with Siya to chat about her experience with plant-based eating and how it has affected her energy levels.

“Hi – my name is Siya and I’m a social worker. I really love my job and find it extremely rewarding.  I spend a lot of time outside, helping young people work through many different challenges. No day is the same so I have to be ready for anything. It’s very important that I’m engaged and authentic in my role – I can’t just pretend to care and go through the motions. Oftentimes, I end up being a role model for the young people in the community. I feel an enormous responsibility to them as I don’t just want to help them, I  want to inspire them to be their best selves.

“My job can be very intense and draining. I first tried a plant-based diet two years ago and immediately felt the difference. I found it much easier to wake up in the mornings and I had so much more energy – both physically and mentally.  I strongly believe that going plant-based has helped me be better in my role, allowing me to feel my best so I can give the community my all.”

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