Mark Cavendish – Unleash Your Beast Within

We sat down with Mark Cavendish, legendary British cyclist and four times world champion, to chat about his experience with plant-based eating and the effects it’s had on his health and his performance.

Mark (35) is known for multiple successes in his career and an incredible 32 Tour de France stage wins. Together with his wife and children, Mark has turned to #PlantPower this year, read on to hear Mark’s experience in his own words.

“For many years and most of my professional career, I did not consume dairy products. I wasn’t averse to them at all, but I found I felt better if I was on plant-based milks. I still ate other animal based products and I’d never really thought about cutting anything else out.

“Last year, one of my team mates went vegan and I said, ‘how is it possible you can perform on a fully plant-based diet? It doesn’t make sense.’ He started to explain things to me, and I thought it looked like a lot of work and like something you couldn’t really enjoy.

“We had a chef in my last team who started making plant-based meals for my team mate, and I was starting to have a look, and it looked tasty. I remember one time I was like ‘can I have that instead of what we’re having?’, and WOW it opened my mind! Plant-based products are a whole new food group; a whole new world of textures and flavours!

“I’m not fully vegan now, but I’ve opened my mind to it, and it’s so easy to cut back on animal based products, and you can do it easily and not feel like you’re missing out.

“Ultimately, I started to feel better from it! Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t like I felt bad before, but I now feel more rejuvenated and less lethargic. As a professional athlete you’re always going to feel tired, and if you can feel more up and ready to go that is a huge thing!”

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