Now That’s a M… F… Cookbook: Make It Meatless

Get ready for clean plates with the NEW Meatless Farm cookbook, created by everyday people for everyday meals.

Make It Meatless is a deliciously crafted cookbook created to invigorate your tastebuds, delight your eyes, help your pocked and support the planet all at the same time.


This is not an ordinary cookbook. Its recipes have been provided by real people, not celebrity chefs or famous food critics. Instead, the contributors to Make it Meatless are both meat-eaters and veggies alike, who have a passion for eating exciting and sustainable food and want to share their experiences and motivate us all to have a go at trying something different. Even if it’s just once a week!

Recipes include moreish mid-week meals ranging from Spen Cooks’ Dan Dan noodles to mouthwatering hangover destroyers from Lucy and Lentil’s Keema Curry to Real Foodie’s Sticky Thai Spice Meatballs with Rice.

In a further win for our planet, Meatless Farm has teamed up with ReThink Food and will donate a growing tower to a local school for every 1,000 Make It Meatless cookbook downloads.

ReThink Food Growing Tower

Growing towers enable schools to ReThink Food and harvest fresh salad and vegetables year-round right from their classroom.

Working with over 100 schools, not-for-profit ReThik Food educates young people about the sustainability of food and empowers future generations of shoppers to make plant-based choices and reduce food waste.

Morten Toft Bech, founder of Meatless Farm, said that the launch of our first cookbook is all part of our quest to make the world a tastier place and change our food system.

“We know that if we all make mini change, together we can make big change. Really this is a change book not a cookbook. We hope it inspires you to at least try plant-based. If you hate it, hey, we both tried – if you love it…well, everyone’s a winner, especially our planet,” he added.