Have you heard about this bird? Meet our BRAND NEW Chicken Breast

Chicken lovers rejoice… we’re here to make your dreams come true! Announcing our new Plant-Based Chicken Breast, available to buy at Tesco and Asda stores across the UK from January 3rd. It’s tender, it’s juicy, it’s everything you could ever want in a plant-based chicken breast.

Unlike other plant-based chicken products on the market that are sold in pieces, crumbles or made from soya, our Chicken Breast is a whole fillet and is made from peas. It’s the UK’s first soya-free plant-based chicken breast!

This award wining1 breast comes in a pack of two, with each fillet containing a whopping 17g of protein! Juicy and versatile, our Plant-Based Chicken Breast can be used any way chicken would be used. It can be cooked from chilled in the oven, pan, or grill, and is simple to add into recipes. Roast whole and serve with a traditional Sunday lunch, slice and serve with a creamy pasta, or shred and serve in tacos! For more delicious recipe inspiration click the button below:

Meatless Farm plant-based loaded chicken shawarma flatbread


Michael Hunter, Managing Director of Meatless Farm UK and Ireland, said: “We are committed to making great tasting plant-based food more accessible and reduce the world’s dependency on intensely farmed meat, so we have made one of the nation’s favourite meats meatless with the launch of our new chicken breast. Our move into the white meat market is one of our most exciting yet, and looks set to provide a viable meat alternative to more people than ever before, with added versatility from being able to serve the chicken breast whole, sliced or shredded.”

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We’re so excited to see your chicken creations – tag us on Instagram @meatlessfarm and use the hashtag #makeitmeatless so we don’t miss it!


1Meatless Farm’s Plant-Based Chicken Breast – Gold Winner of Casual Dining Innovation Challenge 2021