Meatless Farm Launches NEW Plant-Based Steaks

Holy cow! We’re raising the steaks here at Meatless Farm, with the launch of our NEW Plant-Based Steaks, following a rise of at home steak consumption*.

As juicy and versatile as real steak, our vegan steaks are made using the latest in food technology, high-quality plant-based ingredients and a unique pea protein recipe to emulate the taste and texture of beef.

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They’re also soya- and gluten-free, with over 15g of protein per fillet and boasting a significantly lower carbon footprint than its meat-based alternative.

Now available from Sainsbury’s (RRP £3.50 for two plant steak fillets), you can make it Meatless and enjoy your favourite vegan steak recipes, such as steak and chips, a steak sandwich or sizzling steak fajitas without the red meat.

With BBQ season on the horizon, our plant-based steaks are aimed at families and millennials, whether you’re a meat reducer, veggie or vegan. They can be pan fried, oven cooked or grilled on the BBQ as the main event, or sliced up and added into a variety of steak recipes.

Michael Hunter, Managing Director of Meatless Farm UK and Ireland said: “Our new plant-based Steak is our latest step in creating exciting and innovative new products and further diversifying the plant-based market.

Responding to consumer demand, we’ve brought another credible contender to the market to challenge the red meat sector. Many people enjoy a steak meal, yet red meat has the highest environmental impact, so we’ve created a plant-based version to help consumers enjoy a steak experience in the week that delivers on taste and texture yet is better for the planet.”


*Kantar Jan-Sep 2020. Euromonitor 2021, Nielsen Scantrack Oct 2021