Yes, You Can Change The World… Just By Eating!

2021 marks the 51st anniversary of Earth Day, which aims to transform the world for a healthier, safer and more sustainable future.

By making voices heard and encouraging real change, through reducing pollution, deforestation and embracing plant-based diets the organisation wants the world to seize the opportunities of a zero-carbon future.

At Meatless Farm, we want everyone to play a role in a more sustainable future through diet choices. There is strength in numbers, and through a study conducted by Mondra, we got to see just how much impact people could make by just simply swapping to plant-based meals once a week.

Meatless Farm infographic

Now that we know this, the next question is how to begin?

Our top 3 tips

Start off with simple swaps – making wholesale, long-lasting changes to your diet can’t be done overnight. They need to be sustainable. Simply swapping one or two meals a week to plant-based is a great starting place.

And it’s easier than you think with the Meatless Farm range of meat alternatives. Love dumplings? Simply swap the red meat for our meat-free mince. Want some chicken nuggets? Go for our Meatless version and see that it’s also enjoyable!

All your favourite foods, turned plant-based!

Commit to certain days – we love Meatless Monday. It’s on the recipe plan every week as a day to eat plant-based.

Try it out or find your own preferred day. Starting with just 1 day a week is more than manageable and a great introduction to plant-based.

On the days where you do eat meat, reduce your portion size to make that pack of meat go further, thus reducing your impact on the environment.

Build up your recipe repertoire – our meat alternatives are great for using in your favourite recipes. It means you can enjoy your regular dishes without sacrificing taste or texture, and without learning a new style of cooking.

But our products can be used in so many more dishes. Check out our recipes section for some delicious plant-based food inspiration.

Meatless Black Pepper Beef

Enticed to give plant-based a go?

Meatless Farm is now available in Little Farms Singapore! Head over to any of their five stores or online shop. And in celebration of Earth Day, Meatless Farm and Little Farms are giving an Earth Day surprise this weekend! Watch out for it!