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Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware.


The way we eat has a significant impact on the planet, and there is an actual cost to bad food systems. That’s why it’s time to eat like future-focused people. Our quest at Meatless Farm is to shape a new global food system as an investment in our future, by nurturing the natural planet and democratising plant-based food. We are now offering our community around the world the opportunity to join our quest.


Capital at risk


Since opening our debut crowdfunding campaign to those who pre-registered to invest, almost 1,500 investors have backed the potential of Meatless Farm investing over £1.5 million.

Come and join us and become one of the Farmers…


Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware.




Investing in early stage businesses involves risks, including illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment and dilution, and should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. This web page has been approved as a financial promotion by Crowdcube Capital Ltd who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (No 650205).


Crowdfunding gives everyone the opportunity to invest in growing companies, be that a small or larger investment. Crowdfunding in Meatless Farm will give you the opportunity to own a bit of the company and be part of growing the plant-based revolution!

We have raised capital from larger investors throughout the last few years, but also want to be able to give “everyday” investors the chance too. Our consumers are central to Meatless Farm and our quest to build a new sustainable global food system for everyone: we’re all about democratising plant-based food to make it accessible to everyone and harnessing the power of the combined impact of everyone making small changes, so giving everyone in our community the chance to invest is the logical next step.

Innovation is a crucial part of the ongoing growth of the plant-based market so we’re investing heavily in our entire supply chain, from ‘farm to fork’, working with farmers to get us the best crops, setting up state-of-the-art plant protein facilities to produce even better ingredients and recruiting top food development chefs and nutritionists to evolve and improve our products even further and come up with exciting new plant-based options such as pizza toppings, chicken, and meatballs. Your investment will help fund this ongoing innovation and expansion within our commitment to regenerative business growth, including work towards B-Corp status and rebalancing biodiversity in the global food system.

Crowdcube is a platform which enables businesses to attract investment from professionals and venture capital firms, as well as from everyday investors. They have facilitated crowdfunding raises for Monzo, Revolut, BrewDog, Freetrade and more. Learn more about Crowdcube here.

Crowdcube is democratising investment like we are democratising plant-based foods: by making it accessible to everyone. They focus on working with businesses like Meatless Farm who are aiming to transform and improve the world we live in. 

Just like our plant-based foods are made for anyone, our crowdfunding is open to anyone too – providing you are over 18 and residents of the UK, Europe and rest of the world, with the exception of USA, Canada and Japan (due to different regulations in those countries).

No you don’t need to be a customer, but we’d love you to be! We’re constantly expanding our range of products and where you can try them – whether that’s a major supermarket, specialist health food store, your local pub, favourite family restaurant or your regular high street lunch spot – so we hope you’ll find us somewhere near you. And don’t forget to tell us what other dishes you want to see go meat-less and where else you want meatless options on the menu and we’ll get working on it!

We’re open for you to pre-register your interest now at The investment itself will be open in June, with an exclusive pre-live window for those who have pre-registered. Leave us your email address on this page to have access to the exclusive pre-live investment window.

Your investment will initially be what is referred to as a “convertible loan” – this means that it will convert to shares at a discounted price later this year, as part of a later corporate funding round. The discount and interest on your investment means that you will receive more shares for your money than later investors.

Your investment will be what is referred to as a “convertible loan” which means your investment will convert to equity at a discounted share price later this year (and earn interest until then), meaning you will receive more shares for your money than later investors.

After that you will be an investor  in Meatless Farm. Shares will be held in trust by Crowdcube as a nominee company who will be the named body in the company’s register of investors and who will manage all the paperwork and things like updates and communications from Meatless Farm.

As an investor, you will have a share in the future long-term success of the business, for example, if we are subsequently in a position to pay dividends or if we are bought out.

We’ve prepared this handy guide on convertible investments, along with a handy example of what this all means. Open pdf document >

As with any investment, there are risks associated with crowdfunding investments and your capital is at risk.

Crowdcube is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK which is the same body that regulates banks and other financial investments. You can read more about crowdfunding investments including how it is regulated on the Crowdcube website at

Crowdcube, like all crowdfunding platforms, applies a fee on the amount any individual invests in a company. This is set at 1.5%, subject to a minimum of 50p up to a maximum of £250. This covers some of their costs with providing the platform, due diligence, legal checks and all the necessary paperwork and other administration related to processing the investments, including issue share certificates and anti-money laundering checks and ongoing management of the investments. You can find more information about Crowdcube fees on their website at

There are lots more FAQs about the investing process on the Crowdcube website here. For more information about Meatless Farm see our website and to find out more about investing in Meatless Farm, register your interest on this page and we will keep you posted on all our crowdfunding news and, most importantly, when you can invest!

Register your interest on this page and we will keep you posted on all our crowdfunding news, including when you can invest and what you will need to do then. No commitments!