The Grocer features Meatless Farm in latest Brand Success Stories

The Meatless Farm has been featured in The Grocer’s latest Brand Success Stories series.

Our founder Morten Toft Bech sat down to discuss what our best moves were in 2019 and looks ahead to exciting international expansion plans into Europe, America and the Middle East.

He talks about the „game-changing“ national distribution deal with Whole Foods in the USA, and why focusing on the health aspects of changing from a meat-orientated diet to a plant-based diet is going to be important in 2020.

„Another part of looking forward into 2020 is to focus more on the health aspects of changing from a predominantly meat orientated diet to a plant-based diet and to communicate better to the general public and the consumers what the benefits are of this. Not only from an environmental point of view but also from a personal health point of view and, obviously, from an animal welfare point of view.“

Watch the full video below, or click on to The Meatless Farm YouTube channel for more.

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