The Meatless Farm supports Veganuary in 2020

The Meatless Farm is proud to be a supporter of Veganuary in 2020.

The charity encourages people to go vegan by embracing a plant-based diet for the month of January. The main reasons for doing this are to help protect the environment, improve individuals‘ health and prevent animal suffering.

Last year, more than a quarter of a million people took the pledge to try a vegan diet. Nearly half (47%) saying that they would stay vegan following their 2019 Veganuary experience.

A whopping 98% of people said that they found switching to a plant-based diet enjoyable and would recommend Veganuary to others. A further 60% said that they found the experience easier than expected.

When it comes to the main reasons for taking part in Veganuary, 46% said that personal health was their key driver for cutting out meat, dairy and other animal by-products. 34% did it for the animals and 12% had a focus on the environment.

As for this year, the Veganuary charity is expecting to attract more than 350,000 participants around the world. However, with the „Veganuary Effect“ – where up to 10-times more people take part in Veganuary than sign up on the website – this number could run into the millions.

Visit the Veganuary website and take the pledge to go plant-based this January >

At The Meatless Farm, we’ve created a delicious, nutritious range of plant-based food, meat alternatives that are ideal for Veganuary and beyond.

Big on taste and texture, our plant-based products help you enjoy your favourite recipes meat-free, not taste free. Find out more about our Meatless burgers, mince and sausages >

The Meatless Farm’s Veganuary Tips

  1. Meal preparation: Fail to prepare… prepare to fail! Taking on Veganuary is easier if you plan ahead and prepare meals in advance. That way you’re in control of what you’re eating and reducing the temptation to fall in to old habits!
  2. Enjoy your favourite recipes with Meatless Farm: Going plant-based doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your favourites. With our range of meat alternatives you can enjoy a spaghetti Bolognese, burger, lasagne or meat-feast pizza without eating meat. Check out our delicious meatless recipes >
  3. Eat seasonal vegetables: Not only does eating fruit and vegetables that are in season taste better, it also saves you money, is healthier for you and is kinder to the planet.
  4. Be adventurous: Veganuary is a great time to broaden your culinary horizons. Try new foods, add big flavour with herbs and spices. Embrace the excitement of trying something new. The options are endless.
  5. Remind yourself why you’re doing it:  If you’re a meat-eater then challenges such as this can be hard. Remind yourself why you’re going plant-based – whether it’s for health, environment, animal welfare or other reasons. In need of more motivation? Give our Meatless Consumption Calculator a go and find out the difference you can make by simply swapping just one more red meat meal to plant-based per week.

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