Meatless Farm partners with HelloFresh NL for Week Zonder Vlees

Meatless Farm and HelloFresh NL have joined forces to deliver thousands of plant-based meals across the Netherlands as part of Week Zonder Vlees.

The ‘Week Without Meat’ is an initiative which aims to increase awareness of the environmental impact involved through our current levels of meat consumption.

We’ve partnered with the number one meal box in the Netherlands to hand out packs of our Meat Free Mince so people can try our range in a meat-free spaghetti Bolognese, chilli non carne, lasagna or more favourite recipes.

The Meatless Farm’s Meatless Consumption Target encourages every household to swap to one more plant-based meal per week by 2021. This would help dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions, slash domestic and international farmland use, and significantly reduce the amount of water required for livestock farming.

Our range of plant-based meat alternatives are big on taste and texture so people can simply swap out meat in their favourite recipes without compromising. Learn more about our plant-based range of meat alternatives.

Meatless Farm spaghetti Bolognese with Hello Fresh NL for Week Zonder Vlees

Stay tuned until The Meatless Farm’s launch in the Netherlands, until then, looking forward for you to get in touch with us!

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