Meatless Farm launches in Coop Switzerland

Meatless Farm plant-based burgers are now available in Switzerland after securing a listing with Coop.

Our meaty two pack of patties (113.5g each) will be available from over 200 stores.

Made from our new and improved pea protein recipe, our burgers are packed full of taste and texture and can be pan fried or flame grilled on the BBQ.

High in protein, a source of fibre, wheat- and gluten-free, vegan-friendly and made from the highest quality plant-based ingredients. Find out more about our burger’s nutritional content and ingredients.

Take inspiration from our plant-based burger recipes and stack them high with your favourite toppings for an indulgent burger night, all without sacrificing on taste or texture.

„Coop is one of the largest supermarkets in Switzerland, and its support for Meatless Farm shows that plant-based is no longer a challenger category but fast becoming part of daily food culture,“ said Erwin Meijer, managing director for Europe at Meatless Farm.

„Coop’s reach means that more consumers will have the chance to try plant-based alternatives and start to make small changes to the way they eat. With more and more people swapping to meat-free, added to our constant focus on innovation, health and sustainability, Meatless Farm is well positioned to continue growing at a phenomenal pace.“

Here at Meatless Farm our aim is to help people reduce their meat consumption by making the swap to Meatless easy and delicious. We hope you’ll agree that change sure tastes good!