Plant-based foods to keep meat-related labels after EU vote

Meatless Farm’s plant-based burgers, sausages and mince will continue to use meat-related labels after a vote in the European parliament.

A proposal backed by Europe’s largest farmers’ association, Coga-Cogeca, had supported a ban on plant-based foods using terms such as ‘burgers’ or ‘sausages’ to describe their produce.

They argued that labelling vegetarian or vegan substitutes with designations which brought meat to mind was ‘misleading’ for consumers.

However, the likes of Greenpeace and WWF urged the lawmakers to reject the proposed amendments, citing a ban would damage the EU’s environmental credibility given that promoting a shift towards plant-based diets was part of the European Commission’s plan to tackle global warming.

Meatless Farm also played its part with the help of some furry brand ambassadors barking up a storm outside UK parliament. Tube dogs instead of sausage dogs? We think not!

Meatless Farm sausage dog outside parliament

«Consumers are smart, they know if a product is plant-based or meat-based. Now is the time for removing barriers to sustainable eating, not putting them up. The EU’s agenda should be on climate change, not burger names,» said Meatless Farm founder Morten Toft Bech.

«The meat lobby is a strong voice in the EU. In the past they have not taken plant-based alternatives seriously but they are now because we are getting more space on supermarket shelves and people are catching on to the idea that industrial agriculture is not a net positive for the planet.»

Ahead of the vote, we took the potential re-naming of plant-based products very seriously, and asked you get involved. Use your birthday to generate a plant-based product and leave your answer on our Instagram feed by tapping the image below…

Meatless Farm plant-based label generator