Our Ingredients

We’ve found that sometimes people think that food innovation means lab coats and artificial products. Some even assume our products are scientifically processed but actually they’re made by our team of chefs from the highest quality plant-based ingredients with the simple goal of being as tasty, natural and healthy as possible.

We are committed to letting our Meatless lovers know everything about our food and where it comes from.


We’ve got nothing to hide and to give you complete transparency and a way to make up your own opinion about our products, below are descriptions of each of our plant based ingredients and why we chose them to go into our products.
If you still have more questions, please just ask!
  • We buy the highest quality, natural plant-based ingredients
  • We only use non-GM soy
  • Our packaging is widely recyclable
  • The tray is made from a minimum 50% recycled material