The Meatless Farm launches plant-based sausages

No summer BBQ is complete without a great-tasting sausage, and we’re delighted to announce that we’ve now added plant-based sausages to our range of meatless products.

Catering perfectly for the nation’s meat reducers, veggies and vegans, our sausages are made from high-quality, natural plant-based ingredients (including our signature mix of pea, soya and rice proteins), and join our line-up of meat-free burgers and mince.

Available from 200+ Sainsbury’s stores from May 2019, our sausages are high in protein, a good source of fibre, vegan friendly and gluten-free. They can added to a breakfast fry up, grilled on the BBQ or used in classic dishes such as bangers and mash.

“We’re a British start-up that’s carefully created the recipe for our new plant-based sausages over the course of two years and we’re thrilled with the result. Our sausages provide the same taste and texture of meat whilst remaining nutritionally sound, this was really key to us. We wanted to add another product to the range which further champions ‘kind eating’ and provides a healthy, centre of plate solution for families – whether they’re veggie, vegan or just swapping out the odd meat meal,” explains our CEO Rob Woodall.