Licence to grill tasty burger toppings with DJ BBQ

We’ve teamed up DJ BBQ to give you licence to grill with a host of delicious barbecue dishes which are guaranteed to impress family and friends.

Whether you eat a plant-based diet or not, these recipes are so indulgent that your guests will be coming back for more.

Meatless Chilli Dogs

Using both our meat-free mince and sausages, these chilli dogs have a delicious kick – also a warming dish for the winter!

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Soy Tomato Burgers

Marinating the tomatoes in the soy dressing allows them to soak up all the delicious flavours, and also make our burgers even juicier.

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Salsa & Avocado Hot Dogs

Nothing says summer more than the fresh flavours of a pico de gallo and perfectly ripe avocado, all wrapped round one of our plant-based sausages.

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Sloppy Joe Burgers

We challenge you to devour this burger without getting your fingers messy. We tried, and failed. Your turn!

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Teriyaki Burgers with Chopped Spring Onions

These deliciously naughty burgers are topped with cheese melted over high heat.

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Rainbow ‘Slaw Hot Dogs

Another fresh summer topping for your hot dogs, our rainbow ‘slaw also adds an enticing splash of colour!

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