30% of Americans to consider a meat-free Thanksgiving

Americans are preparing to break with tradition this Thanksgiving, with almost 30% considering forgoing the turkey in favour of enjoying a meat-free meal.

Highlighting Americans’ shifting attitudes towards meat, research commissioned by The Meatless Farm shows that nearly one-third would be willing to celebrate Thanksgiving without turkey – or any other meat – on the table.

A further 14% were still undecided whether they would consider replacing the traditional roast with a plant-based feast.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s America’s youngest adults who are driving this change, with 44% of those aged 18-24 and 45% of those aged 25-34 declaring that they are contemplating a meat-free Thanksgiving.

This is in comparison to just 14% of Americans aged 65+ who are sticking with tradition.

Kasper Vesth, General Manager of The Meatless Farm North America comments; “Being mindful of how we live and eat has become a priority in today’s world and the numbers reveal a huge shift towards plant-based eating in the US. Small changes can have a big impact and it’s great to see that so many meat-eating Americans are taking action. If people switched even just one meal a week to meatless, they could make a big difference. But there must be tasty, familiar alternatives.”

He continues: “Plant-based diets are currently very topical, however for many people it isn’t a fad or about giving up meat altogether, it’s about finding a balance that is healthy, tasty and good for the planet.”

Americans going meat-free this Thanksgiving
Statistics around Americans going meat-free at Thanksgiving

But why are Americans shifting their attitude towards meat on one of the most traditional days of the year? Well, the most important factor for Americans going meat-free is personal health, with almost 60% of people stating that health concerns over meat – or the positive health benefits of a plant-based diet – is front of mind for them.

Others cited weight loss (14%), animal welfare (14%) and the environment (13%) as other key considerations for going meat-free.

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Source: Dynata, October 2019. Survey of 1,050 people.