Meatless Farm feeds the homeless at Thanksgiving with Chilis on Wheels

Thanksgiving is a time for family and togetherness, but for those who’ve fallen on hard times things are very different.

This is why Meatless Farm teamed up with Chilis on Wheels this Thanksgiving Day to help feed thousands of New Yorkers in need.

We donated over 700 packs of our plant-based ground for the fifth annual Thanksgiving Community Feast, with events taking place in Tompkins Square Park and Harlem. Volunteers also delivered food, including a delicious meat-free meatloaf, throughout Manhattan to people living in the streets.

Our North America general manager Kasper Vesth and his young family took time out to help serve up vegan meals to those in need.

“The holidays can be especailly difficult for those who don’t know where there next meal is coming from. Chilis on Wheels provides a healthy alternative to the meat-based meals that many communities in need are accustomed to. We hope our donation expands the amount of people we can serve this year, and we look forward to sitting down and sharing a meal with them,” Kasper said.

Founded by Michelle Carrera in 2014, Chilis on Wheels was founded to serve up vegan chili in the park to New Yorkers in need.

She told PIX11: “We are having mashed potatoes. We’re having mac. We’re having stuffed Meatless Farm meatloaf and cranberry sauce and some cheese cake and quinoa and it’s all vegan and plant-based.

“We are one of the only organizations to give out vegan meals to people in need. So it’s crucial. We get a lot of people who go to shelters or soup kitchens and there is not an option for them. And there are a variety of reasons why people are vegan: religious reasons, environmental, and it’s really important to give an option,” Michelle added.