Celebrate Cinco de Mayo the Meatless Way!

Cinco de Mayo is an annual celebration held on the 5th of May – it’s a time to celebrate Mexican food and culture, and we’ll do it the Meatless way!

Cinco de Mayo history

The holiday celebrates the Mexican army’s victory over France at the Battle of Puebla on 5th May 1862.

The profile of Cinco de Mayo was raised in the 1960s and since then it has really taken off with parades, parties, mariachi music, eating of traditional Mexican foods and washed down with a few margaritas.

At The Meatless Farm we love our Mexican (or Tex-Mex) food. You can’t beat the spice and fresh flavours that are common with fajitas, tacos and quesadillas.

Cinco de Mayo Mexican recipes

So here are our favourite Meatless Mexican dishes, especially for Cinco de Mayo.

Meatless Mexican Tacos

Perhaps the iconic Cinco de Mayo dish. Set up a taco station with all the toppings you love – from guacmole and jalepenos to crunchy ‘slaw and salsa, served in your choice of a soft or hard taco.

Mexican tacos made with Meatless Farm ground

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Meatless Queso Sausage Breakfast Sliders

These breakfast sliders can be made using our meat free sausages, topped with guacamole, potatoes and a delicious queso sauce!

Meatless Farm queso breakfast sausage sliders

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Mexican-style Meatless Burger

Our delicious plant-based burger has been given a Mexican makeover. Lashings of zingy guacamole and sweet red peppers make this burger a must-have.

Meat-free burger topped with avocado, grilled peppers and served in a bun

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Smoky Chilli Non Carne

A warming bowl of chilli non carne is a beautiful thing. Serve with tortilla chips, rice, or fries!

Meat-free chilli non carne served with tortillas, soured cream, avocado and red chilli

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Meat-free Chipotle Quesadillas

Similar to a taco, these quesadillas consist of a tortilla that is filled with cheese, beans, plant-based mince and the flavours of Mexico!

Chilli non carne in a red pan made from Meatless Farm mince and served with a wooden spoon

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Meat-free Fajitas

Our plant-based mince takes is a great way to make fajitas meat-free. It takes on all the delicious spices you throw at it.

Meatless Farm mince with beans and avocado, rolled in a tortilla wrap

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