What Kind Of BBQ Warrior Are You?

The sun is shining, the summer is here and it’s time to light the BBQ!

For many people BBQs are traditionally a meaty affair, but once you try our plant-based range we promise you that we’ll change your flame game forever!

Our meat-free burgers are just as meaty and juicy as traditional burgers. Give them the flame-grilled treatment and then stack ’em high with your favorite toppings to make something that is as tasty as it is Instagram-worthy.

Meatless Banh Mi hot dogs

Or why not sizzle our sausages and create your own plant-based hot dog. Build out a hot dog station with toppings from around the world so you explore different tastes – Mexican hot dogs with guacamole and jalepenos, anyone?

And don’t forget about our meat-free ground. It’s perfect for shaping into kebabs or koftas, treating them to hints of spices from around the world.

Check out our collection of delicious BBQ recipes and ask yourself ‘What Kind of BBQ Warrior Are You’?