Meatless Farm Breakfast Sausages WIN at Mindful Awards

Meatless Farm’s Meat Free Breakfast Sausages have been crowned the Breakfast Meat Alternative Product of the Year at the Mindful Awards.

Honoring conscious companies that do what’s right for people and the planet, the Mindful Awards are an independent recognition platform that highlights conscious companies and products that mindfully make waves in the world of consumer packaged goods.

Up against strong competition, it was our delicious Meat Free Breakfast Sausages that came out on top of the Breakfast Meat Alternative category, thanks in part to our new and innovative recipe.

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Earlier this year Meatless Farm revealed its new range of pea products, which has allowed us to move toward a healthier and more sustainable protein source, whilst giving people a delicious way to reduce their meat consumption.

Meatless Farm Meat Free Breakfast Sausages

By substituting one plant-based meal in for a meat-based one every week for a year, you could reduce land use by 31 tennis courts, save over 11,000 miles driven, and slash water usage by over 1,500 showers.

Our goal is to make that small yet impactful swap easy and tasty. Additionally, our packaging is made of recycled materials and is widely recyclable.

“Creating sustainable and healthy products is at the core of who we are at Meatless Farm. We are making conscious efforts every day to provide products that are good for you and the planet, so it is important for us to validate these efforts by third parties such as the Mindful Awards,”said Meatless Farm North America General Manager Kasper Vesth.

“We value transparency and aim to be genuine with our claims, which is why we are honored to achieve this recognition from the Mindful Awards.”

“Consumers are concerned for their individual health and the overall health of the Earth,” said Bryan Vaughn, Managing Director, Mindful Awards.

“When making purchasing decisions, they look at a company’s ethos and impact to make sure they are supporting brands that support what matters most to them. Our 2020 Mindful Award winners deliver by providing a commitment that reaches far beyond their delicious products on shelf. We extend our sincere congratulations to the exceptional 2020 Mindful Award winners!”

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