Thanksgiving Recipes For Your Holiday Spread

Last year, almost 30% of Americans considered forgoing the turkey in their Thanksgiving spread. With more and more people choosing to reduce the amount of meat they eat, it’s important to include some tasty mains and apps for everyone to enjoy.

Ever been to a Friendsgiving with people who have all sorts of dietary restrictions? We have! The sigh of relief when a friend sees dishes and recipes that cater to their diets is truly something to be thankful for.

This year we challenge everyone to offer a meat-free thanksgiving dish at their table. To make it easy, we’ve created simple and delicious recipes that your friends and family will be thankful for.

Meatless Farm Thanksgiving meat-free meatloaf

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In the spirit of the holiday, we want to express how thankful we are for everyone that has supported Meatless Farm this crazy year. We are thankful for the ever-growing number of people reducing their meat consumption and whether or not you chose Meatless Farm for that journey, you are the reason we do what we do.