Best Vegan Hot Dog Recipes

One of the best things about hot dogs is their versatility. Hot dogs tend to take on the taste of whatever you put on top of them, so in honor of our new Plant-Based Hot Dogs, we’re sharing the ten best toppings and hot dogs recipes for every occasion. 

One (kind of) important note: many of these combinations are not explicitly intended as vegan hot dog recipes. They often call for a specific type of hot dog, like an all-beef frank, kielbasa, or Polish Sausage. However, we’re going to tell you how to adapt the tradition to fit your plant-based lifestyle! 

If you’re wondering what are vegan hot dogs made of, check out our recent blog! 

  1. Chicago Dog

Originating in the Windy City, this classic dog is not one to miss! Plus, it is one of the easiest hot dog variations to make vegan. Simply throw your plant-based hot dog in a poppy seed-crusted bun, and then “drag it through the garden” – meaning that you top it with tomato slices, celery salt, dill pickle spears, chopped white onions, green onion relish, sport peppers, and yellow mustard.

  1. New York Dog

Another popular classic that is incredibly easy to transform into a vegan meal is the New York Dog. To get as close to an authentic taste as possible, make sure you cook your vegan hot dog on a griddle (or in a hot pan), then top it with sauerkraut and a smear of mustard to enjoy. 

  1. Seattle-Style Hot Dog

Grab some vegan cream cheese to make this hot dog a reality. Yes, you read that right… cream cheese on a hot dog. Place your plant-based dog on a toasted hot dog bun slathered in vegan cream cheese and then top it off with grilled onions, raw jalapenos, and grilled cabbage. While those are the standard toppings, some like to add sriracha, barbeque sauce, or pico de gallo as well. 

  1. Detroit Coney Dog

This one will require a little extra effort to transform into a vegan-friendly meal, but it’s doable. To make this Midwestern dog, make sure you serve your vegan hot dog in a steamed bun, not toasted. Then you will top it off with some tomato-based chili sauce (usually this is all beef and no beans, but our vegans can just switch that around), mustard, chopped onions, and a generous amount of shredded (vegan) cheddar cheese. 

  1. Cleveland Polish Boy

Usually made with grilled kielbasa sausage, this is another favorite hailing from the Midwest. To get the right flavors, make sure you grill your Meatless Farm veggie dog before laying it on a hearty roll (trust us!). Then you will top it off with lots of barbeque sauce and hot sauce before adding a big pile of fries. 

  1. Kansas City Reuben Dog

Hailing from the Missouri side of the city, this dog wonderfully mimics the classic Reuben sandwich. To pull it off, put your vegan hot dog in a plain, untoasted roll. Then add melted vegan cheese, caraway seeds, sauerkraut, and plenty of vegan Thousand Island dressing. Note you will probably have to make that last ingredient.

  1. Carolina Dog

Sometimes called Slaw Dogs, these flavor bombs are widespread across the South. The simple-to-make dog just requires that you place your vegan hotdog in a well-toasted bun and top with either chili-slaw or BBQ-slaw. These slaws usually have some meat in them, but you can just omit that part or opt for classic coleslaw to make it a vegan recipe. 

  1. Sonoran Dog

These dogs are popular in Tucson and Phoenix but usually wrapped in bacon. To make the recipe a vegan one, we’re just going to leave that step out. So place your vegan hot dog in a steamed bolillo roll, then top it off with pinto beans, chopped tomatoes and onions, mustard, vegan mayo, and jalapenos – maybe some diced avocado or guacamole if you need something extra on your veggie hot dog.

While none of these started as vegan hot dogs recipes, it turns out most of them are pretty easy to Make it Meatless! Ready to make the switch to plant-based meat? Check out our other blogs on what is plant-based chicken and the best vegan chicken recipe ideas.