Firefighter Jur – Unleash Your Beast Within

One of our Unleash Your Beast heroes is Jur, he is a 52 year old firefighter who has recently made the change over to plant-based. We sat down with Jur to chat about his experience with plant-based eating and how it has helped him in his job as a firefighter.

“Hello – my name is Jur and I’m a firefighter. I’m so grateful to be in this line of work as it’s always been my dream job. All of us at the fire station are like family, we cook and work out together as we can end up living at the fire station together for a week at a time. However, as you can imagine, this job is not only demanding physically but also mentally as we often see things that are hard to cope with and weigh heavily on us.

“This job requires me to be 100% fit, both mentally and physically. Since choosing to go plant-based, I feel better than ever; I’ve noticed an improvement not just in my fitness  but also in my mental wellbeing. I’m able to stay positive even on the most stressful days. At 52, I’m not getting any younger but I feel like my plant-based diet has definitely helped me keep up with the younger guys!”

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