Growing opportunity

41% of diners are likely to consider choosing a plant based or meat free alternative when eating out in 2019 and over a third would like the option to “go meatless” on every menu item1. Get in touch with our foodservice team to find out why meat-free should be on your food outlet menu.



Professional solutions

Loaded with taste and texture, our frozen plant based mince, burger and sausage is lovingly made in the UK. We use a blend of natural ingredients including; pea, soy and rice protein, chicory root and carrot fibre; 100% vegan, high in protein, gluten free and delicious!



Tangible benefits

1. Significant cash margin opportunity
2. Lightly seasoned to allow personalisation
3. Cook to serve in 3-4 minutes2
4. Free back of house team cooking tutorials
5. Front of house activation kits including tent cards, colouring sheets and burger flags



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Leone Camerana – Business Development Manager: North America

+1 929 258 8051

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1 Meatless Farm Co research, 2000 UK consumers, November 2018
2 Relates to burgers cooked from chilled