Web & Social Media Policy

meatlessfarm.com and our social media channels are destinations where we share information about our company and the products that we sell. However, it is also a place where we want you to share your thoughts, ideas, pictures and links, along with providing a forum to ask questions and for us to provide answers.

We want everyone to feel welcome and be treated nicely by the wider community, so we’ve pulled together a few house rules for everyone to follow to ensure that this happens.

Commenting on social posts

No personal attacks – you cannot insult, make fun of, or attack other users. Smears and slander, racism and racial agitation are of course strictly prohibited. You should not transmit or post to our site or social media channels any material, information or other communication that violates any applicable laws or regulations.

No bad attitudes – be nice and polite. We don’t like it when people provoke or threaten others by saying nasty things or being aggressive. We don’t like swearing on our posts – we’re a family-friendly company and want our website and social channels to reflect this. Be respectful and friendly!

Everyone has the right to his or her own opinion, even if you don’t share it!

We’ll tidy our website and social channels up from time to time by removing entries that break the rules, are against the law or hurt other users of the site. Also, please let us know if you find anything that you think we should remove!

Breaking of the rules

We believe that some of the rules on our site and social media channels actually make the experience better for you, so we expect all users to follow them. We will ban from the site anyone who breaks these rules, or acts without respect for other users.

Sharing of content

We love it when our customers and followers share their content with us by tagging us in using the handle @meatlessfarm. If you do this, we do then assume that you’re happy for us to use this media as we see fit, either by sharing or re-posting. It would be a shame for everyone else not to see your Meatless creations!

We look forward to interacting with you!